Health Effects of Mobile Phone Base-stations: Human Studies

Health Effects of Mobile Phone Base-stations: Human Studies




How can we bring order to this apparent chaos?

Human Studies

How can we investigate the health effects of EMFs?

Types of Approach

Summary of Research to date

Royal Society of Canada (1999)

Stewart Report (2000)

Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE, 2001)

Australian Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA, 2002)

U.K. Advisory Group on Non-Ionizing Radition(2003)

NRPB (2004)

So, What is the Problem?

Is pulse-modulated RF energy critical?

Foster & Rapacholi(2004)

What Makes a Good Study?

What is the evidence for enhanced perception of EMFs?

Do people with EHS have a lower threshold for EMFs?

Characteristics of a Good Study

Laboratory studies to date

Effects of EMFson Sleep & Brain Function

Effects of EMFson Cognitive Functions

What about hypersensitive people?

Rubin, Munshi, & Wessely (2005)

Rubin et al (2005) concluded:

Design of TNO study

Summary of TNO report

What can we conclude ?

Future Research