philosophy of technology in engineering

In reflecting on the philosophy of engineering
education as a distinct field, questions from other fields
of philosophy are encountered. Among these, in addition
to philosophy of education, are: ethics, epistemology,
ontology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of
technology. Within the philosophy of technology, a
discussion of “philosophy of engineering” has been
pursued in recent years. In this paper, the areas
described and questions raised by philosophy of
technology, specifically philosophy of engineering will be
briefly presented.
The importance of philosophy of technology for the
philosophy of engineering education will be developed.
In Teaching About Technology (2005), Marc J. de Vries
identified four reasons for engineering educators to
become acquainted with philosophy of technology. The
reasons are: (1) philosophy of technology can yield
insights into curriculum development, (2) it can provide
a conceptual basis for understanding technology, (3) it
helps position the teaching of engineering among other
subjects, and (4) it is helpful in identifying the research
agenda in engineering education. Included in this paper
will be a discussion of the literature in the discipline of
philosophy of technology [1].