[SCI논문]Modeling of Effective Path-Length Based on Rain Cell Statistics for Total Attenuation Predict

ITU-R recommends a global rain-attenuation
prediction model for satellite link, but it lacks a physical meaning
because it is an empirical model and the effective path-length
model is frequency dependent. In this letter, a global effective
path-length model, which can be used for total attenuation
prediction in a satellite link, is proposed. The proposed model is
a physical model based on the rain-cell concept. The test for the
proposed model was performed against the data in the ITU-R
SG3 DB, using the procedures in the recommendation ITU-R P.
311 and the Fascicle. The test results show that the prediction
error of the proposed model is less than the existing ITU-R model.
In addition, the proposed model is a physical model and simple
compared to the current ITU-R model.