Report ITU-R P.2406-1

Studies for short-path propagation data and
models for terrestrial radiocommunication
systems in the frequency range 6 GHz to
450 GHz

1 Introduction
In recent years, many research projects, research institutes and organizations have undertaken activities in characterizing terrestrial propagation environments in higher frequency bands (above 6 GHz) as one of the emerging areas of research. This is especially important since there is not yet a complete set of verified and agreed-upon propagation data, channel models and prediction methods for higher frequencies in ITU-R to evaluate emerging terrestrial radiocommunication systems and applications and to conduct sharing studies between the same or different systems.
This Report provides visibility on progresses and trends reported to ITU-R related to short-path propagation models and related characteristics in the frequency range 6 GHz to 450 GHz.
2 Scope
This Report provides experimental and theoretical results related to:
– propagation models and characteristics relevant to terrestrial radiocommunication services
– indoor and outdoor environments
– line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight propagation conditions
– the frequency range 6 GHz to 450 GHz.
This Report includes the following information:
– results of propagation experiments, analyses and simulations related to the above environments and scenarios
– preliminary proposals of channel models and prediction methods, based on results of experiments, analyses, simulations
– additional background information that complements the Recommendations ITU-R P.1411 and ITU-R P.1238, e.g. explanations on how the propagation data and models were obtained and derived.