ITU-T Recommendation K.52

ITU-T Recommendation K.52


This Recommendation aims to help with compliance of telecommunication installations and mobile handsets or other radiating devices used against the head with safety limits for human exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

It presents general guidance, a calculation method, and an installation assessment procedure.

The assessment procedure for telecommunication installations, based on safety limits provided by ICNIRP, helps users determine the likelihood of installation compliance based on accessibility criteria, antenna properties and emitter power. The IEC Standard for the compliance measurement of mobile handsets is recommended.


1 Scope

2 References

3 Terms and definitions

4 Abbreviations and acronyms

5 General principles

5.1 Multiple sources and frequencies

5.2 Exposure duration

6 EMF safety limits

7 Compliance of mobile handsets

8 Achieving compliance to EMF safety limits for telecommunication installations

8.1 Determining the need for assessment for telecommunication equipment

8.2 Procedures for EMF exposure assessment

8.3 Exposure level assessment procedure

9 EMF evaluation techniques

9.1 Calculation methods

9.2 Measurement procedures

10 Mitigation techniques

10.1 Occupational zone

10.2 Exceedance zone

Annex A –- The application flow chart

Annex B –- Basic criteria for determining the installation class

B.1 Inherently compliant sources

B.2 Normally compliant installations

Appendix I –- ICNIRP limits

I.1 Basic limits

I.2 Reference levels

I.3 Simultaneous exposure to multiple sources

Appendix II –- Example of simple evaluation of EMF exposure

II.1 Exposure at the ground level

II.2 Exposure at an adjacent building

Appendix III –- Example of EIRPth calculation

III.1 The EIRPth values

Appendix IV –- Rationale for the EIRPth values of Tables in Appendix III

IV.1 Inherently compliant sources

IV.2 Normally compliant